• Rebrand and Business Card Design


Lepre Energy Group


Lepre Energy Group was ready for a new look and they selected Xercel to deliver it. We worked with the owner, Tony Lepre, to create a logo representative of his business and delivered a business card that will make him memorable. Tony gave us the following request "I need the back of the business card to be white so people can write on it." And an idea struck, but we thought there was no way he's going to go for it... He did! Recipients of his business card can now jot a note down on the back and select from 3 options for follow-up: • I'm supposed to call. • He's going to follow up. • I hope he loses my card. Since they were delivered, he's given out several and he told us that people love his new logo, turn the card over and chuckle. We'll call that a success!