Digital Branding and Social Media are our Friends. Not Foes.

June 23, 2016

Imagine advertising as if it were two islands. On one, the consumers reside. Of course, on the other, is where the brand dubs home. The way we communicated with consumers and vice-versa was strictly by phone, or by much less intimate observation from some distance, (TV/print advertisements, perhaps?) It was a good relationship and it worked. But more recently, a very handy bridge was built. It’s called…you’ve guessed it, digital media. Ding, ding! Digital platforms with a social spin (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we could go on) are the literal links between brands and their buyers to directly connect and create loyal relationships. It’s an easy way for opposing sides to be heard. And let’s face it, it’s really hard to hear one another from two entirely separate islands.


Larger brands…

So your business may not be a “Heinz” or a “Mountain Dew” type, but dream big right? There’s absolutely no reason why a smaller company can’t take notes (and ace that massive consumer reach test later). Take a visit to “Can Brands Ever Really Be Our BFFs” to read the full concept and article by, The Daily Egg. Know more about Xercel and what we do by taking a quick visit here, or by giving us a ring at 215.255.6955.






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