Size Matters

June 15, 2016

Deciding to hand over your project or brand to a design firm can be a scary thing, maybe even monster scary. It’s important business, and when you work with a larger advertising agency, there’s a good risk your long-term goals will be eaten. Or lost. This is why working with a smaller agency is a really, really good idea.


Designers, writers, web developers, etc.: They devote their time to a single project.


Working with a mini-agency means that a single individual will be able to commit to a specific project (without having to run through 14 other people, with 14 different interpretations). Internal concentration is undeniably the best trait a creative agency can have.


Clients have the advantage of knowing exactly what’s going on at every phase.


Having considerable amounts of communication with an agency of a lesser size is an ideal that’s guaranteed when deciding to go small-scale. Collaboration becomes a part of the process. Larger agencies may just wait until they’re good and ready before letting their clients know “what’s up.”


It keeps things minimal.


A no-nonsense budget makes a great friend to simplicity. Less people on a project entails a heftier amount of responsibility on a creative’s shoulders. This isn’t a bad thing. Greater authority promises efficiency because when it all comes to an end, the creative visionary will feel as though they personally fostered the project through its artistic adolescence.




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