Xercel’s CEO Featured on Money Matters

June 21, 2012

Patricia Tawadros, Xercel’s CEO, was recently filmed for Comcast’s Money Matters television show. She was on the show to discuss a new web site she is developing - iWoof’d Up. iWoof’d Up is a fun social media web site that is best described as “virtual reward points for your relationship”.

The web site, launching in the summer of 2012, will allow friends/couples/parents & children to create a ‘dog pack’ and award each other for ‘good deeds’ and send each other to the dog house for Woofing Up! It will also be deployed in a classroom setting to allow teachers to create packs around their classroom and reward students for participating in class, turning in homework, doing extra credit, etc. Students will be able to cash their points in for prizes the teachers set up in the system. Watch the video on Comcast’s web site!


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