This Is Why Website Design Should Do More Than Look Good

August 7, 2017

Visualize yourself purchasing a brand-new, lavish looking water bottle. We’re talking chrome edges, vibrant colors…the works. This container appears to have been created for all your liquid needs and to be honest, it puts your previous water capsule to shame. Now, drink from it. Does it spill from the sides of your mouth, slip out of your hands, or worse – not fit into your palms at all?

This is why good design matters.

A website that is designed well is a water bottle to drink out of for years.

What “looks good” may be subjective, but the definition of good design is not. Websites that are properly designed address functionality issues and considers all audiences. A brand logo might need to be positioned correctly and made legible, or navigation links designed accessible. There are many website headaches that can be cured with the right design.


Muzli provides 6 steps to identifying good design here. Still need some help with your website? Chat with us at or call us at (215) 255-6955.


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