Useful Website Tips You Wish You Knew Before

June 20, 2017

The second someone views your website, your business (and brand) is judged. First impressions are generally lasting ones, so why risk negative results? Create a website for your business that earns respect for your brand. This means making sure your website is up to par with your competitors.

Embrace change. The extra steps are worth money.

Websites are constantly moving to the motion of current trends. What might’ve been the “next big thing” 5 years is ago is 100% old news now. A good example of this is consistent cursive text, or attention-grabbing buttons that deplete the theme of your website. Try fonts, colors, composition and design that’ll stay in line with your brand’s tone. (This also means people will stay on your website longer.)

You can check out some examples of retired website trends from DesignTaxi right here: click this!

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