How To Keep Up With Digital Trends In 2017

March 1, 2017

It’s here. Hi! Hello!

The moment we’ve been excitedly anticipating: 2017 will be the year digital ad spending surpasses television. That’s right. Old media’s out, new media’s in. Mobile ad spending is expected to increase by almost 32% this year and there’s absolutely no chance of it slowing down. Wondering how many dollar signs that is? That’s in the ball park of $32 billion. Let that sink in.

Market your product/brand before it’s too late.

Right now, digital trends are changing. The evolution never stops. That’s why it’s ridiculously crucial to get on board before your ‘S.S. Brand’ ship submerges and never resurfaces. Those who can market themselves to adapt will undoubtedly succeed. Those who don’t plan and pay attention, well, you’ve seen Titanic – haven’t you?

Want to get the current trends down for your business?

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