Designing For The Web, Now And 2017

November 29, 2016

Interactive experiences are fulfilling. They’re exciting because of their potential to stimulate and have been adopted by the web because of their probable success in grabbing their viewers’ attention and never letting go. After strategically searching the digital depths of an ongoing online world, we’re here to introduce web modernism. Here’s to 2017.

Implement movement, let your story sway to its words

Mobile imagery promotes what our senses are keen to: change. Naturally, we are distracted with movement by curiosity and an instinctual craving for what may possibly be important and beneficial for us. Blending video in a website’s design is an incredible way to source greater engagement. Along with influenceable long-form text, interactive video guides its words to life.

They’re prepared to scroll

Screens are expanding, content is growing denser, and users are comfortable with extended scrolling. Interfaces that allow for continuous scrolling are more attractive because there aren’t unnecessary interruptions. Users can absorb larger volumes of content far faster without clicking away their time. This will not be slowing down for 2017.

It’s all in the hamburger

This digital device is purely vegan. The ‘hamburger’ menu serves a delicious platform of creative independence from its navigation counterparts. When links are tidied up in a neat sandwich, the amount of space for a web designer to work with is multiplied. You can almost taste the freedom!

Our vehicles aren’t flying, yet

Though we’re not at the point of hovering cars and picking up bread and milk by air, we’ve arguably come just as far in the digital realm. We’ve learned that users expect aesthetic that moves and invariably carries a story so that it doesn’t have to walk on its own. People stumble upon and stay on websites that are impressionable. Content and the components embodying it should be housed on a website that follows suit with the future.


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