Don’t Get Left In The Dark

September 27, 2016

Wait! Don’t head for the light switch right away, we’re not speaking in a literal manner here. We’re talking about being blind and left behind by the marketers and brand-makers that understand light social, and dark social. Dark social isn’t a forbidden district on the internet, and having full knowledge of that puts yourself and your business into the shiny rays of competitive marketing. Actually, dark social is an innocent term that means internet traffic that can’t easily be tracked.

Why can’t we see it? Because every year, person-to-person (or P2P sharing) percentages increase and this includes (and is not limited to) email, instant messaging, text messaging, and forum posts. Content is being shared in a more personal, privatized way – and the method of sharing isn’t going anywhere. The adjustment accounts for more than 50% of content distributed online today.

This is what we want you to do about it. Dig deeper into your analytics. Utilize sites such as Bitly, which allows URL customization and helpful guidance toward uncovering the darkness that is “direct traffic” or dark social. Your links will look tidy and your websites’ metrics will undoubtedly unveil greater insight. And most importantly: Create good content. Satisfying content drives audiences directly back to your website without fail. (We would know.)


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