Perky Rewards

July 6, 2016

Implementing perks to your advertising campaign is the essence of marketing your brand. If you’ve already collected a generous following, throw in a bonus for your allegiant audience with a bit of a “bribe” and you’ve sealed the deal with your consumers. Use especially established brands as a guide, such as AT&T; they’ve recently launched a very cheeky campaign that advertises their bring-absolutely-anyone-just-to-fill-a-seat “Ticket Twosdays” promotion. With a little bit of incentive and imagination, your brand can “bribe” too. Watch the impressively-written advertisements and read the original source here: Bring the Worst Person You Know to a Free Movie.¬†Know more about Xercel and what we do by taking a quick visit¬†here, or by giving us a ring at 215.255.6955.




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