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How To Keep Up With Digital Trends In 2017

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

It’s here. Hi! Hello!

The moment we’ve been excitedly anticipating: 2017 will be the year digital ad spending surpasses television. That’s right. Old media’s out, new media’s in. Mobile ad spending is expected to increase by almost 32% this year and there’s absolutely no chance of it slowing down. Wondering how many dollar signs that is? That’s in the ball park of $32 billion. Let that sink in.

Market your product/brand before it’s too late.

Right now, digital trends are changing. The evolution never stops. That’s why it’s ridiculously crucial to get on board before your ‘S.S. Brand’ ship submerges and never resurfaces. Those who can market themselves to adapt will undoubtedly succeed. Those who don’t plan and pay attention, well, you’ve seen Titanic – haven’t you?

Want to get the current trends down for your business?

Dig into this topic from Digital Turbine by clicking here. Still feeling a little overwhelmed? We’re here and ready to rescue. Drop us a line at or call and chat with us at (215) 255-6955.


#This #Is #How #To #Not #Use #Hashtags

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

You’re sitting there, eyes glazed over from the sugary mess you devoured and suddenly you’re wondering whether to find a way of time travel or to make amends with the regret of consuming the entire box of oatmeal crème pies. You know the feeling. This is the same thing.


When social media users see a company or brand overindulge in hashtags, the familiar nausea returns. Too much of a good thing is never good. We’re here to tell you to put down that last treat (hashtag), and embrace the phrase, “a little goes a long way.”


4 points to pay attention to:


- Don’t make your hashtags irrelevant. Incorporate trending topics or hashtags without appearing (for lack of a better word) desperate.

- Specify. Specify. Specify. Specific hashtags target a precise audience. This will guarantee valuable engagement.

- Make time for research. Check to see that your hashtags aren’t associated with content that’s inappropriate for your brand. This applies to tags you’ve created and tags that already exist.

- Short & simple. Try and keep it that way and your customers and fans can remember your hashtags just as easily as the latest Bieber hit.


Feeling a little overwhelmed? We’re here and ready to rescue. Drop us a line at or call and chat with us at (215) 255-6955. See the original source here.


Will Your Package Design Sink Or Swim?

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Package design; it’s what makes us swipe our cards and pay with cash. It’s inviting, and more often than not it’s pleading, “Buy me! Buy me!” So tempting. We cave. Then – a wave of recent design trends rolls onto shore and what details we used to enjoy gets washed away into the perpetual cycle. What’s laying in the sand now? Clean information, minimal text and an enticing new visual identity that is bound to get picked up by many other brands. Kashi embraces the tide, can your brand do the same?


See Kashi’s newest design here. Know more about Xercel and what we do by taking a quick visit here, or by giving us a ring at 215.255.6955.



Perky Rewards

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Implementing perks to your advertising campaign is the essence of marketing your brand. If you’ve already collected a generous following, throw in a bonus for your allegiant audience with a bit of a “bribe” and you’ve sealed the deal with your consumers. Use especially established brands as a guide, such as AT&T; they’ve recently launched a very cheeky campaign that advertises their bring-absolutely-anyone-just-to-fill-a-seat “Ticket Twosdays” promotion. With a little bit of incentive and imagination, your brand can “bribe” too. Watch the impressively-written advertisements and read the original source here: Bring the Worst Person You Know to a Free Movie. Know more about Xercel and what we do by taking a quick visit here, or by giving us a ring at 215.255.6955.




Digital Branding and Social Media are our Friends. Not Foes.

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Imagine advertising as if it were two islands. On one, the consumers reside. Of course, on the other, is where the brand dubs home. The way we communicated with consumers and vice-versa was strictly by phone, or by much less intimate observation from some distance, (TV/print advertisements, perhaps?) It was a good relationship and it worked. But more recently, a very handy bridge was built. It’s called…you’ve guessed it, digital media. Ding, ding! Digital platforms with a social spin (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we could go on) are the literal links between brands and their buyers to directly connect and create loyal relationships. It’s an easy way for opposing sides to be heard. And let’s face it, it’s really hard to hear one another from two entirely separate islands.


Larger brands…

So your business may not be a “Heinz” or a “Mountain Dew” type, but dream big right? There’s absolutely no reason why a smaller company can’t take notes (and ace that massive consumer reach test later). Take a visit to “Can Brands Ever Really Be Our BFFs” to read the full concept and article by, The Daily Egg. Know more about Xercel and what we do by taking a quick visit here, or by giving us a ring at 215.255.6955.






Size Matters

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Deciding to hand over your project or brand to a design firm can be a scary thing, maybe even monster scary. It’s important business, and when you work with a larger advertising agency, there’s a good risk your long-term goals will be eaten. Or lost. This is why working with a smaller agency is a really, really good idea.


Designers, writers, web developers, etc.: They devote their time to a single project.


Working with a mini-agency means that a single individual will be able to commit to a specific project (without having to run through 14 other people, with 14 different interpretations). Internal concentration is undeniably the best trait a creative agency can have.


Clients have the advantage of knowing exactly what’s going on at every phase.


Having considerable amounts of communication with an agency of a lesser size is an ideal that’s guaranteed when deciding to go small-scale. Collaboration becomes a part of the process. Larger agencies may just wait until they’re good and ready before letting their clients know “what’s up.”


It keeps things minimal.


A no-nonsense budget makes a great friend to simplicity. Less people on a project entails a heftier amount of responsibility on a creative’s shoulders. This isn’t a bad thing. Greater authority promises efficiency because when it all comes to an end, the creative visionary will feel as though they personally fostered the project through its artistic adolescence.




If you’re absolutely enticed to see how Xercel can transform your brand, check us out at or call and chat with us, that’d be fun too: (215) 255-6955.

Women Changing the City

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Center City Proprietors Association recognizes small businesses that provide great assets to Philadelphia. CCPA is a non-profit that solidifies a foundation for company owners to create lasting work relationships by career-related intuition, and grants them multiple resources for growth through community-based events and programs. Xercel’s owner, Patty Tawadros, was recently featured on CCPA’s web issue, “CCPA News, June 2016: Board Insight” as a highlighted board member and sponsor of CCPA’s new series, “Women Changing the City.” The freshly made program encourages women that are avidly contributing to the societal push that has Philadelphia flying in a positive direction. To read Patty’s feature, visit: Here.

Xercel’s CEO Featured on Money Matters

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Patricia Tawadros, Xercel’s CEO, was recently filmed for Comcast’s Money Matters television show. She was on the show to discuss a new web site she is developing - iWoof’d Up. iWoof’d Up is a fun social media web site that is best described as “virtual reward points for your relationship”.

The web site, launching in the summer of 2012, will allow friends/couples/parents & children to create a ‘dog pack’ and award each other for ‘good deeds’ and send each other to the dog house for Woofing Up! It will also be deployed in a classroom setting to allow teachers to create packs around their classroom and reward students for participating in class, turning in homework, doing extra credit, etc. Students will be able to cash their points in for prizes the teachers set up in the system. Watch the video on Comcast’s web site!


Launching a startup in Philadelphia? You’re not alone.

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Sonja Sherwood from the Philadelphia Business Journal sent out a survey question to the Philadelphia Tech community. Along with Lucinda Holt from ClickEquations and Farid Naib from DDC, The Philadelphia Business Journal published Patricia Tawadros’s (Xercel’s CEO) response.

What is the single best thing about Philadelphia’s startup climate? The single worst thing?

Patricia Tawadros
President & CEO
Xercel Inc

The sense of true community. We’re in a growth phase as a tech industry, and it’s inspiring to see the amazing ventures that have been launched. And, Philly Startup Leaders has fostered a robust tech ecosystem. Members share their knowledge, make introductions and offer moral support; no one expects anything in return, but the cheering is audible when a fellow entrepreneur succeeds. Investors have embraced our community and respond with educational opportunities, mentoring programs and funding. The single worst thing: Exposure. Philly Startup Leaders is working to eliminate this, and as its new director of marketing and public relations, I’m excited to be launching my startup in here today.


Lucinda Holt
ClickEquations Inc.

The best thing about Philly for a startup is the talent. There are really great people here, in a tight-knit community. We also have many software engineers, and there’s less competition for them than in other regions. That means they’re easier to recruit and they’re more likely to stick with you. The worst thing is, unfortunately, also the talent. There are fewer tech-savvy sales, marketing and business development professionals here. And although there is a lot of technical talent, it can be hard for startups to compete with the big companies — particularly in a difficult economy, when people look for stability.


Farid Naib

of the startup model. The region also has a vibrant early-stage capital scene. The worst thing is the lack of a centrally located (i.e. Center City) incubator. While the region does have incubators, they tend to be in University City or in the Navy Yards, leading to a gap in downtown Philly. There is also a less robust Round B and C capital scene in the area, making follow-on investments to seed or A rounds difficult.


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